Parking is Now $5.00 Per Hour


Shortly after the Monday Fort Myers Beach Town Council concluded its Monday meeting, local residents started seeing the new signs promoting the $2.00 per-hour increase. It now costs $5.00 per hour for town owned parking spots.

There’s a two-hour limit for all town spots.

County owned parking spaces continue to cost $2.00 per hour. Lee County owns Lynn Hall Memorial Park and Bowditch. There’s also a free Lee County lot just on the other side of The Matanzas Pass Bridge on the way to the beach.

For a few minutes Monday it almost appeared as if the fee hike might be delayed when Mayor Ray Murphy expressed a little doubt. Other than looking into the possibility of using the money for a parking app, the council doesn’t have a clear plan to spend the extra money.

For now, the money will go into the general fund. By the end of the meeting, Murphy said he hasn’t been convinced to change his vote, which was to increase the fee.

Council members Jim Atterholt and Dan Allers were against the increase.


  1. The local tv news media has touted the $2 increase as a way to complete the 3 major town projects. Or for town safety upgrades.
    We’re does the money go?


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