All Your Margaritaville Questions Answered


Following our tour of the facility, TPI Hospitality CEO Tom Torgerson went through every question asked from folks watching the tour online. He answered every one of them. Here are all of your Margaritaville questions answered…


  • Fins Up Beach Club;
    • It is a “controlled” space meaning it is fenced in a nautical fish net and hemp rope so the fence is extremely translucent
    • The amenities inside the Beach Club are only accessible with an RFI wristband.  Hotel guests will be issued wristbands that are non-transferable
    • The public can purchase day pass wristbands, we can have up to 330 of the public in the Beach Club and any one time.  As a point of clarification, these public day passes are available, on a first come basis, reserving their dates and making their purchase on-line.  We haven’t decided yet as to our seasonal rates nor how far in advance people can make reservations.
  • Lah De Dah Beach Bar and JWB’s Grill are outside of the Beach Club and fully accessible to the public at all times.


  • Salty Crab remains and is a separate business from the resort.  We intend to revisit previous discussions with their management about coordinating music programming to avoid clashing of two separate music platforms.  They are extremely good operators and we are optimistic we can reach a mutually agreeable solution to this.
  • The Terrace and Hotel Lobby are fully accessible to the public
    • License to Chill Bar
    • License to Chill 3-meal restaurant
    • Coconut Telegraph Coffee and Sweet Shop
    • St Somewhere Spa
    • Live Life Like A Song Margaritaville Retail Store, located in the lobby
    • We are planning initially 3 portable kiosk local retail vendors on the terrace
  • The local resident discount plan negotiated with the Town is another one of the Public Benefits we committed to in our negotiation with the Town.  We will have a non-transferable membership program, which is yet to be worked out.  However, under the agreement with the Town, it will be made available to residents within the FMB 33931 zip code who have a Florida drivers license with the 33931 zip code on it.  This include Estero Island, San Carlos Island and landward all the way up to Summerlin, so a large geographic area.  The membership discount applies to all resort purchases excepting lodging and functions/banquets.
  • Lodging Reservations as to when we open up for them is currently in discussion.  However, when we do open them up, perhaps 50 weeks before opening, we won’t take reservations initially within a window of time, say 30-60 days, of our actually expected opening.  In order to better peg our actual opening, we need to get past the 2022 hurricane season.
  • Beach Vendors; what I said during the tour was that we have a new Jet Ski and Beach Chair Vendor as of recent.  Yes, this is in addition to having a new Parasail Vendor as of this last February.  Both were able to purchase/transfer their operational licenses from the previous owners along with our beach property leases.  Both the License and Lease expire at year’s end.  Thus far we have seen operational improvements and therefore are keeping an open mind as to negotiating a new lease with them.  However, what I said was we would not agree to extending a lease if any storage of equipment or trailers and such occurred on the beach, other than an operations portable kiosk.  And during operational hours, the jet skis have to be moored in the water, to also avoid cluttering the beach.  The Coconut Telegraph has already reached Town Councilors representing that we are going to renew our leases with our beach vendors, this is not accurate as of yet, and may not even happen.  As I said, we will keep an open mind on the matter.



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