Arches Fundraiser Begins Sunday


Restore the Fort Myers Beach Arches and BOYD the sand Artist are having the Rake The Arches 5-day event February 14th through the 18th. The event will be held all around Fort Myers Beach. The money will be used to help pay for the reconstruction of one of the Arches on Fort Myers Beach, if construction is approved by Lee County.

Boyd will be doing a total of 5 artworks with an auction directly following, starting on February 19th. Boyd tells Beach Talk Radio News, “We’re bringing awareness to a structure that welcomed so many people to our beautiful beach from 1924 to 1979.”

Last week the Fort Myers Beach Town Council approved a motion that shows support for two possible locations for a portion of the old arches to be reconstructed.

The two locations being considered are both on Lee County property on Fort Myers Beach. They are the northern most beach access in Lynn Hall Park and the northern most beach access to Bowdich Park.

There are 17 stones from the original arches remaining, about 1/3 of the original structure. That amounts to 60,000 lbs of stone. The estimated cost of replacing a 30ft Arch is approximately $40,000 according to the Restore The Arches organization. The group has said it will pay for the restoration project. The county will build it.