Some Not Happy With Town Design


Business owners from Nervous Nellie’s, Harbor House, Snug Harbor and Marina Village have written the Fort Myers Beach Town Council with a list of concerns over the latest Bayside Park design.

Last week the design was green-lighted by the council last week which means Town Manager Roger Hernstadt can proceed to the next step. The upgrade to the lot between Nervous Nellie’s and Snug Harbor will include a permanent stage, artificial turf and a lot of covered shade. There’s also a spot reserved for a Veteran’s memorial. Today, the park includes a non-functioning fountain and a gazebo that, at times, is used by the homeless.

Here is the list of concerns the group sent to the council:
1) Presently, there is substantial leakage in the seawall. Any plan which does not address the condition of the seawall is incomplete.
2) A solution to the inadequate and ineffective San Carlos street lighting situation should be part of any comprehensive Park plan.
3) We still believe a lit interactive veterans pier walk is a superior answer to anything that has been proposed thus far.
4) Whether or not a new fountain is built, we do not believe that fear of lawsuits is a persuasive reason not to build one.
5) Based on public opinion, a fountain continues to be a popular feature with both citizens and guests.
6) Existing infrastructure makes construction of a fountain economical.
7) A permanent stage, when a stage is used two days per year is a waste of space and not a good idea.
8) Trees will ultimately block the water views of Harbor House, and roots will intrude into underground utilities.
9) The commercial lighting proposed is lacking in size and scope.

The project is expected to take 4 months once it begins and cost approximately $1.5 million. The town might be able to start the project in May or June depending on how the bidding process goes.


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