Are You A Fan of The Manatee or Sea Turtle?


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission just released the new 2021-2022 manatee and sea turtle decals. These waterproof stickers feature two different designs and are a way for people to directly support research, rescue and management efforts that conserve these species and spread awareness about the challenges they face.

Each July, the FWC introduces new manatee and sea turtle decals that are available with a $5 donation. Get one online or when registering or re-registering a vehicle or boat at local tax collector’s offices across the state.

“Purchasing a manatee or sea turtle decal and displaying it is a simple way to make a difference for some of Florida’s most iconic, imperiled species.” said Ron Mezich, section leader of the FWC’s Imperiled Species Management Section. “The financial support directly contributes to their conservation and displaying it for others to see also helps raise awareness.”

The decal themes highlight important conservation issues, such as manatee-safe boating and keeping our waterways clean. This year’s themes include:

  • “Go slow – Look out below!” This message encourages safe boating around manatees, what to look for while on the water and shows others that you support Florida’s manatee conservation efforts.
  • “Protect Florida Sea Turtles” shows a leatherback sea turtle swimming among jellyfish. Leatherbacks are true oceanic travelers in the sea turtle world and need your help in keeping our waterways clean so they can keep swimming long distances.

Order your decal HERE.