Atterholt Hints He’s Running For Re-Election


Last night on Mondays With The Mayor, while filling n for Mayor Dan Allers, Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt indicated he is leaning toward running for re-election and a formal announcement would be coming soon.

Jim and his wife Brenda have been able to stabilize their living situation on Fort Myers Beach. The condo unit they owned was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ian and is still uninhabitable. They were able to sell that unit and find another condo unit on the island to purchase recently. Atterholt said Monday night with life a bit more stable these days he looks forward to continuing to serve.

Atterholt’s first 4-year term expires in 2024. His seat, Mayor Dan Allers’ seat and the seat now occupied by Bill Veach are all up in 2024. Mayor Allers has already announced he’s running for re-election while Veach has not announced one way or the other.

Atterholt was recently reappointed by the council as Vice Mayor.


  1. Anyone who is asking for our votes should have to answer if they are for “work force housing”. I don’t want to vote for anyone that has an agenda to bring in a bunch of people who can’t afford to live on the beach that we have to support so we can fill a school that never should have been reopened. I am 100% against anyone being on town council that doesn’t own a home and live on the beach. They make decisions that affect the value of our properties and affect the taxes we pay so unless they have skin in the game, I am not interested and no more progressive ideas. We are walking/driving in the dark, which is dangerous to humans because of progressive thinking.

  2. I can’t believe that these two incompetent Mayor and Vice mayor would have the gull to ever run for anything even dog catcher, they have done more harm to this island than Ian, they are corrupt and totally incompetent, they should have the decency to resign over their continued failures for the past year and prior years as council, I’m still waiting to hear back from them about my Freedom of information request which has been nearly a year with multiple requests, for which they have illegally withheld. Anyone that would vote for these corrupt self-serving politician that are in it for only the money and control need to resign. The Mayor owns nothing on the island and shouldn’t even be allow to represent the property owners on the beach. He’s there for TPI and the big developers, not the individual property owners. Their asking for our vote but won’t contact us back when we call them. Not getting my vote. In fact I’m looking into Running for council, and removing all the onerous setbacks, fines and fees they created over the past years during the covid crises in an attempt to push these unreasonable building restrictions they imposed, but give to the developers, totally corrupt, they killed people on the Island giving the residents a false sense of security before the storm and the debacle after the storm that allowed many to come on the island and pilfer for weeks the lost property of those that were hit the hardest.

  3. Someone please explain why full time residents of FMB have not seen one penny from all of these hurricane relief benefit concerts, drives and donations? All of us on the island were hit hard in many ways and I don’t think residents have seen any financial “help” from these relief activities!

  4. First, I, unfortunately, am not a full time resident. But, having grown up w a father as councilman & mayor, and having watched nearly all “Mondays w the Mayor”, I find Allers and Atterholt to be refreshing as politicians and great cheerleaders for FMB. IMO. ❤️FMB


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