How Important is Water Quality to You?


Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Jim Atterholt wants to keep the pressure on lawmakers about water quality. Working with the town staff Atterholt is putting together a print campaign calling on locals and snowbirds to take action.

In 2018 local businesses were clobbered when Red Tide hit the area hard. Since then Governor Ron DeSantis and others such as Kevin Ruane, Chauncey Goss and Byron Donalds, have pledged they will continue to work hard for clean water on behalf of Southwest Florida.

DeSantis has proposed $625 million for Everglades restoration and protection of water resources in the upcoming state budget which begins July 1. The 2021 legislative session begins March 2.

Atterholt says it’s important to keep the pressure on those elected officials. “We need to get the Florida reserves together and get them to contact their state and federal representatives.” He called those that have a home on the beach and up north the Snowbird Advocacy Army and encouraged them to write their elected officials and support the Everglades restoration efforts.

Councilman Atterholt is hopeful surrounding communities will see the ad campaign and copy what Fort Myers beach is doing being that clean water is so important to our area. Atterholt will be on Beach Talk Radio this Saturday at 9:30AM to discuss the campaign.

This is a sample of a mailer that will go out twice over the next several weeks. It will also run in the local newspapers.


  1. Water quality in the gulf and Everglades should be of the utmost importance to everyone, it is the driving force of the economy and lifestyle of all. The drinking water also needs attention. Contact local and federal officials.

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