Beach Theater Building Owner Proposes New Dock


Steve Boge, who purchased the old Beach Theater building at 6345 Estero Boulevard, has filed a pre-application request with the town to construct a docking facility on a canal behind the building.

Back in February Boge was caught illegally removing mangroves from the town when a local resident snapped pictures and said she saw 12 dumpsters full of mangroves being hauled away. Removing mangroves without a permit is a big no-no. Boge has since admitted to the illegal act and is working with the town and state to restore the mangroves.

The pre-application shows 5 dock slips that would be placed outside the mangroves when they are replaced (se below).

The application does not mention what the building might be used for in the future. It does mention “redevelopment.” We reached out to Boge to ask him what he planned to develop in that area. He did not respond to our request for comment.

Boge purchased the Beach Theater building for $4 million back in May of 2022. At the time he told us the building could be opened as a restaurant or it could be something completely different. He said the building allows for “broad zoning usage.”


  1. Such a nice building. Hope this owner, whoever he is, will open a nice restaurant for the south and to enjoy. Good luck to him!

  2. I live in the neighborhood and I personally love the renovations of the beach theater so far. The theater was an eye-sore and basically a waste of space as no-one went there. Not sure what the plan is but the thought of a restaurant is lovely to me. Let’s get bring some life to the south side of the island.

    Here are some photos I took on a walk one day of what was left of the mangroves after the storm… It doesn’t look like there was much left of them. It also doesn’t look like 12 dumpsters worth. But that’s just me.

    Maybe we put down the torches and pitchforks, and remember that we’re all just trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild here.

  3. The mangroves should not have been removed, he should be fined for removing the mangroves and should be required to replace the mangroves. NO DOCK!

  4. NO this does not make any sense. The Curlew/Egret canal is a residential canal not intended for commercial traffic. It is narrow, shallow and not intended for high traffic that they are intending for a restaurant.
    Remember the amount of boat traffic Doc Ford’s, Snug Harbor, Fish Tail, etc drove and how they needed dock masters to handle them. This canal is not wide enough to accomodate two boats passing each other.
    NOT TO MENTION – that end of the canal is so shallow they will have to dredge it in order to make it navigable.
    We have already seen what he is willing to do to the mangroves but what will he do when he starts dredging.

  5. If anything, his permit should wait until all other permits on Island are completed! Many other worthier permits need approval!

  6. The residents on curlew and egret were told that there would never access to the theatre from their canal!! What happened to that??

  7. The Town should table his request until restoration is completed. Doesn’t sound like an urgent matter and why reward bad behavior.

  8. They can’t replace the mangroves and also have the dock. The mangroves were in the same spot as the proposed docking system.

  9. Does anyone believe he’s going to replace the mangroves before putting the dock in? I do not know him, but to do something like that (and he more than likely knew it was illegal) and then put in preapplication????? Hmmm…..


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