Did You See Our Interview With Anita


The former Mayor and current LPA Chair simplified the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code. Anita was part of the team that incorporated Fort Myers Beach and has a ton of knowledge of what residents were thinking when that happened. Watch the show HERE or HERE.


  1. Amazing how she basically bashes Plaka for selling then In the next breath says she’s not coming back to time square and “ I am ok with it”. Or did you praisers all miss that?

  2. Fantastic interview. Although I wish she would’ve elaborated on how we are different than Mexico beach? And how developers are going to flock to the island despite the current building restrictions. Time will tell… if the Wyndham and Outrigger properties are sitting there just as they are now in one year… She may be singing a different song.

  3. Your interview with Anita was great and very informative! She did an excellent job with understandable explanations of FMB rebuilding requirements! Thank you both for another great job!


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