Beacon Motel Not Returning


Another boutique location on Estero Boulevard will not be rebuilt. The owners of the 14-unit Beacon Motel, which was located in front of the old Cottage/Shuckers, have other plans for that property.

The Beacon was located at 1240 Estero Boulevard and had a popular red light landmark out front easily viewable from Estero Boulevard. That light structure and the entire motel were destroyed by Hurricane Ian. It is now a 90 by 175/15,750 square foot empty lot.

The owners of the property have submitted an application for a special exception with the Town of Fort Myers Beach to turn the property into a parking lot. The application states that, “Since Hurricane Ian washed the Beacon Motel away at this location leaving us with a vacant lot, developing the property with something as low profile as a parking lot seems to be more preferable than erecting any kind of structure that would interfere with the view of the Gulf from Estero Boulevard.”

Shortly before the storm, a picture of perhaps someone who had too much to drink went viral when she was captured asleep on top of the red light structure.


  1. Hopefully the town enforces decent landscaping. We know parking is needed but others around the island have the appearance of being run down….

  2. I’m shocked! With this council, they could have had at least a 10 story 100 room hotel with no parking by a 4 – 1 vote.

    • A lot less overhead in a parking lot and very profitable. Could lease beach chairs and umbrellas , but only if they get a permit.

      • They cant get a permit because they sold their beach chair permit to the company that owns Margaritaville, Beacon, and what was the Cottage chairs and umbrellas and watersports. I know because I used to be the manager of the watersports and chair rentals at that location.

      • Same thought. Sounds like the owners are trying to make a decision out of respect for the island as a whole. A previous BTR calculated the potential income from a parking lot and it was substantial. The owners earned a rest and should be allowed to enjoy life now


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