Big Week For Bay Oaks Project


It’s really unknown where the Bay Oaks renovation project stands as of now. The Bay Oaks committee (which meets this morning at 9AM) recently voted 7-0 to not support the town manager’s most recent design for the renovation of Bay Oaks. The Town Council has the item on its Management & Planning meeting this Thursday at 9AM.


  1. It continues to concern me with the towns spending amidst a global pandemic. A $15m proposal for an island of our size and small population seems to be extremely excessive. I agree Bay Oaks is in need of attention, butt not to tune of $15m.
    It also concerns me that we can’t get the Estero Blvd lighting project done but we’re debating on Bay Oaks meeting rooms and cooking class demonstration areas.
    Put the safety of our residents and visitors first and address the lighting on Estero Blvd.

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