Times Square Fees May Increase Despite COVID Shutdowns

On October 1st, the square footage fees restaurants pay the town of Fort Myers Beach will increase from $10.00 per square foot to $12.50 per square foot. That is, unless the council decides to delay the increase to help those businesses out. The Mayor does not sound like he wants to help.

It’s Time For A Turtle Update

Our friends at Turtle Time have updated the latest Fort Myers Beach turtle stats: Total nests remain at 131 loggerhead sea turtle nests. There are 58 remaining nests to hatch. There have been 144 false crawls. Exactly what is a false crawl?

Meet The New FMB Women’s Club President

Kathryn Klar was born in Cleveland but lived on the east coast of Florida for 40 years. She came to the island of Fort Myers Beach as a vacationer in the 70's but in January of 2018 decided to make the island her permanent home. Her line of work is Real Estate. The name of the company she works for is FMB Realty. 

Atterholdt: Fort Myers Beach Going Through Renaissance

Appearing on episode #125 of Beach Talk Radio, Saturday August 8th, town councilman Jim Atterholdt reeled off a laundry list of positive changes taking place on Fort Myers Beach. He said the island is going through a renaissance.

Two Lawsuits Filed Against Lani Kai

Both lawsuits are a result of the murder that took place on the property of the hotel last month. Fort Myers attorney Joe North is representing both Thomasina Daniels, the mother of 22-year old Johnny Jackson, who was the man killed, and Jackson's cousin Traviasia Blanks.

My Amazing Time With The Turtles

(By Kim Ryan) Last Friday, in the middle of turtle nesting season which runs May 1-October 31st, I was thrilled to accompany Cindy Johnson, one of many Turtle Time volunteers, for a 3 day dig. What you may ask is that? 

Rood, Kroemer Try To Settle Dune Walkover Fight

Eddie Rood and Kurt Kroemer believe they should have access to the beach from their homes on Estero Boulevard. All they need is a special exception from the town so they can build a long structure that would take them there.

Chester Rogers – A Fort Myers Beach Icon

(By Kim Ryan) Fort Myers Beach is filled with interesting characters and Chester Rogers certainly fits into that category. You can't miss Chester while traveling along Estero Boulevard. The local artist has a prime location right under a shade throwing Black Olive tree in front of The Surf Club.

How Much Will A New Bay Oaks Cost?

The Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Advisory Board (BORCAB) met Tuesday for over 2 hours to discuss the multi-million Bay Oaks redevelopment plan that has...

Lani Kai Owners Say Changes Are Coming Soon

The Conidiaris family, owners of the Lani Kai, did not attend the town council meeting on Monday. It's clear the family knows the community is outraged with the recent murder at the hotel, the excessive calls to the Sheriff and the backing of Chris Patton's lawsuits.

It’s Time For a Memorial On FMB

(By Kim Ryan) Forest "Butch" Critser wears many hats. One of them is as a proud the Vietnam Vet, and for the last four years Forrest has been doing everything in his power to get a War Memorial or Veteran's tribute erected on Fort Myers Beach.

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