Botana Merger Bills Will Not Be Voted On


Representative Adam Botana’s plan to merge the Fort Myers Beach Fire District into Bonita Springs and the Fort Myers Beach Mosquito Control District into Lee County will not be voted on when the Florida delegation meets October 30th. Here’s what happened…

While the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District meeting was going on Wednesday morning, Lee County Legislative Chair Representative Jenna sent out an e-mail stating that the voices of the people were heard and Botana’s two Bills will only be discussed on the 30th, they will not be voted on.

Representative Botana’s proposed local bills for an involuntary merger of the Fort Myers Beach Fire and Bonita Springs Fire Districts and for an involuntary merger of the Fort Myers Beach Mosquito Control and Lee County Mosquito Control Districts will not be placed on the October 30th Delegation Agenda for consideration and a vote of the members. However, these two proposals will be placed on the Agenda for discussion purposes only. Again, a vote will not be taken on these matters at this time. For the proposed local bills to proceed, they would still first require a vote of the Delegation, but that vote will not occur at the meeting on the 30th. In the coming days, we will compile all information and public comment regarding these matters that I have received as Chair of the Delegation and distribute to each of the Delegation members. I’m grateful to each person who took the time to reach out to our office on these important community matters. Their voices were heard.

Fort Myers Beach Fie Chief Scott Wirth said, “The FMB Fire District is pleased that the Lee County Legislative Delegation has decided the fire merger bill, as proposed, is inadequate to consider further. Since this bill could still be brought forward at a later date, the District will continue to closely monitor and respond accordingly, to any subsequent activity. It’s reassuring that those elected to conduct the business of the people are doing so within the statutes, rules and guidelines provided, and in the best interest of the public.”

The local Florida State delegation is made up of both House and Senate members which meet annually to hear from the public and conduct local business, including a public hearing on any local bills placed on the agenda. The agenda for the 30th is expected to be posted soon. Keep an eye out for it HERE.

Persons-Mulicka also invited a representative from each of the districts to speak on the respective matters on the 30th.



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