Tunaskin So Close To Reopening


Our friends at Tunaskin on Estero Boulevard received power to their new building this week and are now in the final permitting stages of opening back up. Tunaskin’s Ben Duval, who will be on BTR November 5th, says they are 75% certain they will be back open within 3 weeks.

The Tunaskin building at 1300 Estero Boulevard was heavily damaged during Hurricane Ian on September 28, 2022. Tunaskin was one of the very first businesses on the island to offer their products to the public in a trailer on their property after the storm.

They’ve been working feverishly to get reopened. And by the response from our followers on Facebook everyone really loves the look of their new building.



  1. It would help some of the newer residents to read what services the different mentioned businesses offer. For example, I do not know Tunaskin.
    Thank you.


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