Bridge Project To Begin in Late 2022


According to the Florida Department of Transportation a public hearing on the planned reconfiguration at the base of the Matanzas Pass Bridge on the beach side will be held this summer. An exact date was not given. So, when might construction on this project begin?

A Florida Department of Transportation representative told Beach Talk Radio news construction could possibly start in late Fall of 2022. The Margaritaville project is expected to start over the next few months with businesses such as The Mermaid and the Pierview Motel closing and the Lee County Sheriff’s outreach center relocating. Fencing will soon be constructed with the Margaritaville logo and demolition of buildings will soon begin.

The Fort Myers Beach town council was expecting a presentation from F.D.O.T. on Monday but that has been pushed back to a future council meeting.

Traffic Lights Galore
You will also notice more traffic lights in the area. F.D.O.T. is designing a new signal with crosswalks at SR 865 & Main before the bridge and another signal at SR 865 & 5th Street/Estero Blvd. F.D.O.T. says the traffic light at 5th will be improved for “channelized pedestrian access.” There will also be a new traffic light on Estero Boulevard and Crescent by the new Margaritaville. And, the town is installing a new traffic light on 5th and Old San Carlos to improve traffic flow out of Times Square.

One issue still hanging out there is the number of crosswalks. The current situation is a free-for-all with pedestrians crossing anywhere and everywhere at any time despite Lee County Sheriff’s deputies hired to help pedestrians cross at the light just passed 5th street.

Public Safety committee chairman John Goggin hopes someone will to listen to his plan to eliminate crosswalks in that area. He’s been asking for feedback from the town council but has heard nothing. Goggin would like to to see the state’s plan for crosswalks near the foot of the bridge eliminated completeley. Instead, Goggin wants to funnel pedestrian traffic to the proposed traffic signals to be installed on both Old San Carlos and Crescent Streets.

The estimated of cost for the redesign at the base of the bridge is $8.3 million. All the money is coming from the federal government.


  1. Astonishing. Tell me it’s not true. The town council not acknowledging, listening to or following recommendations from their volunteer committees?! Doing so to the dedicated, hard working committee members is bad enough but when we’ll respected members like John Goggin are ignored that’s just wrong.

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