C.R.O.W. Rehabbing Bald Eagle


According to Dr. Robin Bast, CROW’s staff veterinarian, the Bald Eagle, which has been with CROW since November 9th, is doing well. It’s eating and is very bright and alert. The Eagle continues to receive pain medications for its fractured coracoid bone (similar to a human collarbone), and remains in a body wrap to limit its use of the injured wing.

The eagle also continues to receive physical therapy every three days to maintain good range of motion and prevent the ligaments in the affected wing from tightening due to not being used.

This week, veterinarians will assess the injury using radiographs to determine if the fracture is healing appropriately and the wrap can be removed. After some time in the ICU without the wrap, the eagle will be moved to an outdoor flight enclosure to build back its strength prior to release.

The Eagle that was admitted to CROW’s hospital on November 9 had been spotted struggling in the water of a Cape Coral canal on the 8th.

The person who spotted it contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife and an FWC officer came out and fished the eagle from the water. Since it was after hours, the officer transported it to one of CROW’s drop-off locations (Blue Pearl Vet Hospital) where the eagle spent the night before being picked up by a CROW staff member the following morning.