How Many COVID-19 Cases Are on FMB?


According to the latest statistics from the Florida Department of Health (as of Monday), Fort Myers Beach has 209 reported cases. Of the 28,118 cases reported county-wide, Fort Myers Beach makes up .7% of that total. Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres are the top three.


  1. Your reported # is correct but stay tuned…This morning, the NEWS PRESS is reporting 220. For me, the larger points are that in November we saw more cases than the total reported in the first 7 months. Yes, more testing and Phase 4, but the speed of the increase is what alarms me.

  2. The 209 reported cases of COVID-19 is for the zip code33931 named Fort Myers Beach. The reporting is not just the island nor just the town of Fort Myers Beach.

  3. How many case were reported premask mandate?
    Be interesting to know how effective the mandate has been..
    Also are there better ideas to remind the visitors that it’s not a free for all on our Island .
    Maybe signage that is effective??

  4. That 7 tenths of 1 percent I think….. not 7 percent… and the 209 is reported cases since March I also believe

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