Car Pulled From Matanzas Pass Preserve Pond


The investigation into the dead body found in a pond at the Matanzas Pass Preserve took a new turn Tuesday when Lee County deputies pulled this car from the water. LCSO is not yet saying whether the vehicle is related to the unidentified female found in that same pond a day earlier.

We’re still waiting for authorities to identify the female, believed to be in her 30’s, that was found in the pond Monday by a hiker. LCSO is analyzing the woman’s fingerprints at this time.

A neighbor in the area of the was told by deputies that the body was not recognizable after being in the water. No details have been made available yet as to how long the body or the car may have been in the water.

Deputies returned to the scene on Tuesday to continue their investigation. Special equipment was used by the LCSO Marine Unit to search the water. Divers then went in and found the vehicle which was then towed out.

According to LCSO the autopsy on the woman found showed no signs of trauma or foul play.

They tell us toxicology results could take several weeks or even months.