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Times Square Project Delayed

The renovation of Times Square, which was originally slated to begin on April 15th 2023 has now been pushed back to July 2023, after the 4th of July holiday. Times Square is the only project of the "Big Three" yet to begin. Here's the reason for the delay.

DeSantis Vetoes $1 Million Times Square Grant

You may have seen Florida Governor Ron DeSantis touting a record $109 Billion budget on Thursday. What you most likely did not see was his $3 Billion in line-item vetoes, which included a $1 million grant to help pay for the Times Square renovation on Fort Myers Beach.

Times Square Renovation Pushed to 2023

With the 2022 season officially over, and the town not yet ready to start the Times Square renovation project, it looks as if construction will now begin after Easter of 2023. Here's why.

Times Square Merchants Want Answers

A major project to revitalize the Times Square area is set to begin some time later this year and business owners in that area want answers about the project. The merchants met with Town Manager Roger Hernstadt this week. Here's what happened.

When Will The Big Three Projects Begin?

By now you probably know that the Town of Fort Myers Beach is making major upgrades to Bay Oaks, Bayside Park and Times Square. Here's when those projects will see shovels in the ground.

Times Square Facelift Moving Forward

Fort Myers Beach town council members seem to like the current design put forward by design engineer DRMP and they also agree that delaying the project one year is the best course of action for everyone involved. Here's why...

Times Square Redevelopment Put on Hold

It was originally thought the redevelopment of Times Square might begin following the 2021 season. However, at the request of the Times Square business owners, that time frame is being pushed back one year.

Times Square Fees May Increase Despite COVID Shutdowns

On October 1st, the square footage fees restaurants pay the town of Fort Myers Beach will increase from $10.00 per square foot to $12.50 per square foot. That is, unless the council decides to delay the increase to help those businesses out. The Mayor does not sound like he wants to help.