When Will The Big Three Projects Begin?


By now you probably know that the Town of Fort Myers Beach is making major upgrades to Bay Oaks, Bayside Park and Times Square. Here’s when those projects will see shovels in the ground.

According to Town Manager Roger Hernstadt told the town council this week that unless there are major changes to the design of the new Bay Oaks facility, that project should start right after school ends in May.
Read more about The Bay Oaks project HERE.

Hernstadt also said he expects the Times Square renovation to begin right after the 4th of July. That’s a change from the previous announcement of beginning the project right after the 2022 busy season, which would after Easter.

Hernstadt has said this is an 8-month project, which would mean if the construction does begin in July, it would be going on through most of the 2022-2023 busy season. There had been discussion about breaking the project up into two 4-month projects and avoiding the busy seasons altogether. That idea hasn’t been mentioned at all lately.
In addition to a new surface and other new amenities the Times Square area will be dug up so the town can fix drainage issue. Read more about the Times Square project HERE.

And, finally, we were told by Town of Fort Myers Beach Public Information Officer Jennifer Dexter that the Bayside Park renovation will begin “sometime this Spring.”
Read more about the Bayside Park project HERE.

The new Bayside Park

The town borrowed $10 million for the three projects. Hernstadt has said more money will be needed to complete them all. This week the town council did vote to use some of its $3.5 million federal COVID relief money for water and stormwater work at Bay Oaks, Times Square and Bayside Park,


  1. The mismanagement, inaction and costs at Town Hall are breathtaking.
    The question festers: Why is this manager still drawing a paycheck? And why does this council seem so lost in the dark?

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