Another 14 Nests on Fort Myers Beach Last Week

Turtle Time reports that as of the end of this week, there are 74 nests on Fort Myers Beach (up from 60 last week). Nests should begin hatching in a week or so. Here’s how Fort Myers beach stacked up against Sanibel, Captiva and Bonita.

It’s Time to Start Thinking About The Turtles

(By Cindy Johnson) On April 15th, Turtle Time volunteers will begin surveying Fort Myers Beach for State and Federally Protected Sea Turtle nesting activity. Here's how you can help keep the turtles safe and give them the best chance to survive.

More Turtle Woes For Beach Residents

A group of condo association residents are expected to attend the Fort Myers Beach Town Council meeting on Monday. They plan to voice their displeasure over modifications the council made to its Sea Turtle Conservation ordinance in mid-2021.

Despite Elsa, Turtle Season Looking Strong

Turtle Time tells us that on Fort Myers Beach there are now 86 nests - all loggerheads. The first generation of nests were negatively affected by Tropical Storm Elsa. Very few of the early nests survived although a couple of the nests that were deposited in the dunes did survive.

We Are Down to 24

Our friends at Turtle Time have updated the latest Fort Myers Beach turtle stats: There are now 24 remaining nests to hatch compared to last weeks 32. 

It’s Time For A Turtle Update

Our friends at Turtle Time have updated the latest Fort Myers Beach turtle stats: Total nests remain at 131 loggerhead sea turtle nests. There are 58 remaining nests to hatch. There have been 144 false crawls. Exactly what is a false crawl?

My Amazing Time With The Turtles

(By Kim Ryan) Last Friday, in the middle of turtle nesting season which runs May 1-October 31st, I was thrilled to accompany Cindy Johnson, one of many Turtle Time volunteers, for a 3 day dig. What you may ask is that?