More Turtle Woes For Beach Residents


A group of condo association residents are expected to attend the Fort Myers Beach Town Council meeting on Monday. They plan to voice their displeasure over modifications the council made to its Sea Turtle Conservation ordinance in mid-2021.

The modification made to the ordinance (21-03) requires anyone who’s replacing windows, and all new construction, to install windows using glass with an inside to outside light transmittance value of 15% or less. The previous percentage was 45%, which is what the state requires. The change was made to provide more protection from light for nesting sea turtles on Fort Myers Beach.
The residents will speak during public comment at the Monday council meeting. They say the new windows are not only harder to find, because they are not in high demand, they are also 4-8 times expensive than the previous window requirements.

The town held two public meetings about the change in March and April of 2021 before unanimously approving the change.


  1. The whole problem could be solved with street light shields to direct the light onto the street instead of on to house’s and the beach. And probably less costly

  2. Easy to tell the folks beach front to do this as none of the council members can afford a beach front property. This will not affect the five member one bit. Townspeople you do have the right to recall any of these or all of these five members.

    • The question is, is protecting the turtle population as important as protecting the residents. The answer is certainly yes.

  3. If the council cared as much for the residents and tourists as it does for the turtles our island would be safer and have better lit streets.

  4. As a resident of FMB our Town has gone too far. We should not be legislating here more than any place else in FL. Voters will be voice their opinion at the ballot box next election.

  5. Turtles are wonderful- however the Council needs to have common sense for us who live here and drive in the dark at night. Also our TOURIST!

    • Good point Jason…however those that moved in before and without restrictions should be grandfathered. Not fair to impose this restrictions on them. If average lanai doors cost $10,000 they shouldn’t have to pay $40,000 to replace them with the new tinted doors.

    • Not when you consider that the manufacturers are making hundreds of thousands of panels for doors in the rest of the state of Florida and only a relative handful for Fort Myers Beach!


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