Charging Stations Coming to Fort Myers Beach


The town of Fort Myers Beach will be spending $122,000 for charging stations for electric vehicles. The chargers will be installed close to Times Square, at Town Hall, and in Newton Park.

Each charging station will be able to charge two electric vehicles.

The charging station in Times Square is expected to be installed in the town owned parking lot behind WINDS.

Councilman Dan Allers voted against the resolution stating the council could find better use for that $122,000.

The Town manager did not say when the chargers would be installed.
Here’s how much it will cost you to charge your electric vehicle on the beach…


  1. Another issue … Are these parking spots with charging stations restricted to electric cars only? If so isn’t that a bad decision to not allow gas powered cars to park there — especially when parking spots are so scarce to begin with?

  2. It’s about time Council members start seeing what the rest of the world is seeing. Public EV stations are a necessity. I am quite surprised there is only 3 locations proposed. I guess 3 is a good start.

  3. What’s the projected payback time and amount to the towns residents? This is a business of running a town. There has to be some payback. A profit to keep itself funded or in the end, the residents taxes will end up going up once again to fund this.

  4. WHY?!
    Shouldn’t charging stations be left to developers and private entrepreneurs? Kind of like gas stations?


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