Did You See Our Special 6-Month Ian Show


Tuesday was the 6-month mark since Hurricane Ian veered right and pummeled Fort Myers Beach. When the storm surge subsided, the rain stopped and the wind died down, lives were lost, structures were destroyed, paradise was flattened. We hosted a special show at La Ola on Tuesday with a stellar lineup of guests.

Our first guests was Joe Orlandini, a Fort Myers Beach resident, a builder, and someone who’s been helping residents on the beach move forward and rebuild their homes and lives.

Up next, the former owners of Pete’s Time Out, a restaurant that sat in the middle of Times Square for decades. A restaurant that was swept away by the Gulf of Mexico. Debbie and John Lallo helped create Beach Talk Radio nearly 5 years ago when they allowed us to broadcast from the famous table 23 outside their restaurant. In addition to losing a decades-long family business Ian also severely damaged their home in Alva.

Following the Lallo’s was Mayor Dan Allers. You can watch our segment with the Mayor HERE.

Finally, we ended the show with Karen Paine who told us the gut-wrenching story of how she evacuated the beach but her husband and dog stayed behind. That was not a wise choice. You can watch that segment from the show HERE.

Watch the full show HERE.


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