FEMA Quietly Admits They Were Wrong


Remember last month when FEMA dropped a bomb on homeowners by telling them they could not use Lee County Property Appraiser Matt Caldwell’s property valuations. Residents were using Caldwell’s calculations to determine whether their property would fall under FEMA’s 50% rule. FEMA has finally admitted they were wrong.

FEMA’s February notification caught every municipality off guard and was sent without a word of discussion about the calculations with Caldwell. When FEAM finally called Caldwell and he explained how he made his calculations, FEMA admitted they were wrong.

For several days, homeowners were left hanging trying to figure out what calculation to use, and scrambling to find appraisers. The Town of Fort Myers Beach was also scrambling trying to figure out how to comply with FEMA’s sudden change in the rules so the town was in compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program. The entire episode was a colossal failure of the national government.

The Town was officially notified of FEMA’s blunder Wednesday. Here’s the official letter below…


  1. These people are NOT here to help. They are an employment agency for paper pushers. This is a disgrace. I’ve applied for grants, loans always turned down.

  2. Wow. The hits just keep on coming for y’all! The residents are lucky to have y’all keeping up with everything and getting the info out there.


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