Committee Member Calls Town Council Stupid


Anchorage Advisory Committee Member Bob Beasley is not happy the town council ditched its plan to construct a three-story building in Bayside Park for mooring field residents. In fact, the entire committee says the town council made a mistake with one member saying the council gives in to special interest groups.

The discussion about the big building next to Nervous Nellie’s came up again last week after The Harbor House HOA told the town it did not want their building to be used for public restrooms. The town was negotiating with Harbor House to purchase two condo units for upland services for mooring field residents. Upland services include an office, a place to wash clothes, showers and bathrooms. And, being the town would own the condos, the rest rooms would have to be open to the public. That’s a non-starter for the Harbor House HOA.

With the Harbor House negotiations at a stand still, and a contract with current provider Matanzas set to expire, the discussion circled back to Bayside Park, property the town already owns.

Committee member Bob Beasley said the town missed the boat by not putting the building there. The town owns the property, he said, they should use it. “Of course the owners of Snug Harbor and Nervous Nellie’s want to have a beautiful park so their customers can enjoy it and eat dinner there. Sure, that would be great, but they’re doing that at the town and residents’ expense and the mooring field’s expense.”

Beasley said that park location needs to be considered again. “The bottom line is I really think the town council should go back and look at this again. Unless you want to spend $10 million you are never going to find commercial property on the waterfront in a commercial area. You probably couldn’t even at that.”

That’s when Vice Mayor Rexann Hosafros jumped into the conversation and told Beasley he was preaching to the choir. “The (town council) vote was 4-1. I was in favor of placing it there all along. I continue to believe that would be the best place for it. It’s not going to happen. The council changed. Three new members were elected. And they received a lot of public outcry and I think they are cemented in their positions based on what I’ve heard them say. But, I agree with you totally.”

That when Beasley said “that is really a stupid move on their part. That’s ridiculous.

Other members jumped in and agreed with Beasley that the council should take another look at it. Committee member Greg Holmes said, “It was just a few commercial people that made the big outcry and got a couple of people upset over it. I think you need to take another look at it and you’ll find a lot more people will find it’s a great place to have it. It’s going to be a nice image for the town to have a nice building to welcome boating people.”

Hosafros told the committee that from the number of e-mails she and the council received, it was not just a couple of businesses. “I got a couple of dozen. She told the committee members to contact the other council members directly.”

Committee member Mike Ratliff added, “I have watched this community since Hurricane Charley. Nothing gets done. And, a lot of times, it has to do with special interest groups with very narrow objectives who get the attention of town council members. Then we don’t do anything and we make some pretty bad decisions for the future of our community.”

The Town of Fort Myers Beach currently operates a 70-slip mooring field east of Matanzas Pass Bridge. The town is hoping to expand the mooring field to add 19 additional moorings west of Matanzas Pass Bridge accommodating vessels up to a length of 85 feet. The town is waiting on a permit from the DEP. Committee member Ratliff said, “If we cannot provide upland services, I see no reason to go ahead with the expansion of the mooring field.

Mooring ball rental fees are $18/day, $103.00/week or $312.00/month which includes taxes.

The final Bayside Park proposal is expected to go out for bids in April. The final design does not include the building. It includes a stage, a lot of grass and shade trees.


  1. Just this week a 52 year old homeless man tried to light a BBQ grill and was unsuccessful, he then stole a boat and wrecked the boat. a couple of years ago a homeless man stabbed and killed the Library Director. I am not in favor of spending taxpayer dollars (mine) to encourage more homeless people to move to my island.

  2. I can’t believe this bathroom/laundry mat monstrosity is coming up for discussion again. The public outcry against it was loud and clear. The fact that anyone can look at this and think it’s a good idea or that it’s an attractive building blows my mind.

  3. A nice park there “Fine”. A building that has no general benefit and will cost $$$$$ to build and maintain is a fools errand. What is wrong with just keeping it where it is at Matanzas.

  4. The Towns voters need to wake up and realize they do not have a town council that represents the best interest of the Town and it’s residents, the voters were fooled and elected what has become a totalitarian government controlled by special interest and their personal agendas and what benefits them individually. Can we all say “typical politicians”? And Can we all say “recall”?

  5. A 70 slip mooring field that creates 312.00 per month income. I dont know about you other business savvy people, but how does that monthly revenue justify a multi million dollar facility at the tax payers expense? The whole thing sounds like something that should be revisited with some common sense.

  6. Is the Matanzas contract renewable? Is there another property near but not on the waterfront the city could purchase for this use? As I recall, the original plan for this location included a Veterans Memorial. As a Viet Nam Vet, I do not want to be honored by a building housing crappers for transient boaters.

  7. This would only block the view, attract the homeless and be costly to build. If the council thinks maintaining and repairing the fountain is too much cost, keeping that building clean and everything working would be much more.

  8. Assuming any building would be built for the benefit of mooring field users with tax payer money, my only question is what contribution to the tax revenue do they make?

  9. Just another thing to laugh about the town council. Have only been a true resident a few years, but have yet to agree with anything the majority of them say or do and have never run into anyone that does. It’s kind of like they live on a different island. We talk about bring back the arches, yet want to get rid of a park and fountain. While not as old, it’s still another part of the island memories for many. Sad.

  10. I agree with the comments above – this beautiful building would be in the WRONG SPOT for the rest of the FMB community. What about behind Harbor House under the bridge? The city would lose a number of parking spots, but may solve problem for all.

  11. Not one person i know or talked to wants a building placed to blocked the view of the back bay! What a waste of a beautiful area for a bathhouse and laundromat for a very few! We all know the problem that will be created right there and as nothing is being done elsewhere on the island and our visitors are hit in the face with our homeless problem constantly! why would anyone think its a good idea to bring another loitering spot to heart of the restaurant / shopping….I think that’s where the word STUPID belongs!!!

  12. I wouldn’t panic too much. With the clown show of a town council we have now, absolutely nothing will be done anytime soon. Lights along Estero Blvd a way bigger issue and yet zero progress there after how many years???

  13. We have over 800 owners at Marina Village and many rental visitors that expressed grave concern (I’m being nice here) at how ridiculous, ugly and how it would take away from the beauty of this waterfront. I think it’s ridiculous how a very small percentage of non paying tax people who are all part of the mooring committee and one town council person can try and make this happen. Thank you to the town council members who HEARD and respected the fast majority of the town of Fort Myers Beach residents.

  14. I also disagree. This would be catering to a small percentage of tourists. It does not benefit most of the home owners and tourists. It would block out the view and attract the homeless.

  15. For committee members to say that only the owners of Nervous Nellie’s and Snug Harbor “and a few commercial people” are opposed to the ridiculous, ugly monstrosity is ludicrous. I call bullshit. There was a passionate outcry from the entire community vehemently opposing the hideous plan.

  16. Recreational boaters are a tiny percentage of visitors to Fort Myers Beach. Any building would be a great advantage to them. The cost would rob EVERY other visitor and resident to Fort Myers Beach of their only unobstructed view of the back bay.
    This plan benefits the few, at the expense of the many.

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