Panel to Discuss Renewable Energy Future


SCCF and the Sanibel Community House are hosting a virtual presentation tonight from 6:30pm to 8pm, spotlighting Solutions for a Sustainable, Renewable Energy Future for Sanibel and the Region.

Four panelists will discuss building a green energy future to protect property values, sustain water and ecosystem health, keep the economy vibrant and explain how climate change is intrinsically linked to our water quality issues.

The event will be moderated by Bob Moore, Senior Vice President of Training and Program Development at Health Management Resources. He’s also an SCCF volunteer and co-founder with his wife, Ariel Hoover, of the Lee County Climate Reality Project.

Speakers include:
James Evans, SCCF Environmental Policy Director. Evans who will explain why resiliency and climate change policy is critical for Sanibel from the perspectives of water quality/ecosystem protection, quality of life, and economic prosperity.

Dunedin Mayor Julie Bujalski and Dunedin Sustainability Coordinator Natalie
They’ll discuss how their city, which has many similarities to Sanibel, made a commitment to transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy in its city facilities by 2035 and citywide by 2050 and why they believe it is important to the city’s future prosperity, and their plans to achieve it.

Richard Johnson, Sanibel Vice Mayor and owner of Bailey’s General Store. Johnson will speak about the benefits of rooftop solar from the perspective of a business owner, focusing on why it makes business sense in direct cost savings and for building goodwill in the community.

Julia Herbst, Gulf Coast Regional Coordinator, Solar United Neighbors (SUN). She will explain how SUN has worked to make solar affordable for homeowners and businesses and address the policy initiative to legalize solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in Florida.

Questions will be taken at the end and you can register HERE: