Committee Member: Town Staff is Condescending


Bay Oaks Committee member Holly Sweeten is not happy with the way she’s being treated by the town staff and she let everyone know it. At Monday’s BORCAB meeting Sweeten told the committee how town staff dealt with her when she asked questions about the new Bay Oaks campus project.

Sweeten said, “the last few times that I’ve had questions I felt like I was almost yelled at or talked down to or almost told to just shut up. I was dismissed. It was people that work for the town and I don’t think that’s right.”

She also accused a member of town staff of mocking the committee’s work on the new Bay Oaks project on social media. Sweeten said the town employee, who she did not name, mocked the committee by laughing at some of the items the committee was considering for the new campus, such as artificial turf fields and a large amphitheatre.

The new Bay Oaks campus project has caused a rift between the committee, which is all volunteer, and town staff. Lee Melsek, who recently resigned from the committee, was very vocal about how the committee had been working on a new campus for years only to see it all changed by The Town Manager without notifying the committee. Melsek, and several other committee members, called him out several times on what had been done.

At a previous town council meeting, Councilman Dan Allers said local residents who call town hall for help or with questions have complained to him about the way they are treated by staff. The rest of the council had nothing to say about it and the council moved on to other business.



  1. I am repeating a comment on the previous article about Nervous Nellie’s. This is the same problem. The Town staff needs to be changed to a business and resident friendly staff, instead of power hungry morons.

    The Town council, Town staff, and attorney are out of control, they do whatever they want. They don’t appear to care about the businesses or the residents, why should they, they are not Ft Myers Beach natives or residents, when their jobs are over, they will be gone. There is only one person out of the five council members that is a native of Ft Myers Beach, and that is the Mayor. The Ft Myers Beach business owners and residents should be contacting him and telling him to get his council and Town staff and attorney under control. The Town council along with the Town staff have been a horrible choice for the Town. Send him a message to be the Mayor for the people and not Town Hall. If the businesses and residents organized a couple hundred people to show up at a Town council meeting, they would get the message.

  2. What is the point of organizing a committee of community members and subject matter experts if you already know what you will approve or not approve?
    If it’s just to check a box, that’s very belittling and insensitive of other people’s time.

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