Denise Carlin is Our 11:40 Guest Saturday


Carlin, a Republican, is running for Lee County School Superintendent after a referendum was approved lat year to change the position from appointed to elected. Carlin has over 30 years experience as a teacher, principal, and district administrator.

There are two other candidates for the position as of today; Republican Morgan Wright of Cape Coral and Democrat Sheridan Chester of Fort Myers. Carlin is also a resident of Fort Myers.

Our show is open to the public and is broadcast live from the sunset terrace at Margaritaville every Saturday and begins at 11AM.


  1. I know Denise and Morgan. They both care greatly about the children in Lee County. The one thing Denise has that no one else has is experience that comes from being in the district rising up from teacher to district administrator. She CARES about children and the education they receive, not the politics. Please cast your vote for Denise and show that you care about the children in our district. What I see now as a former teacher and now a volunteer says we desperately need her!

  2. I’ve met Denise and I came away impressed with her background, her plan for District fiscal responsibility. Denise will also be good for Parents, Students and our Beach School.

  3. I believe Denise would do an incredible job as our Lee County Superintendent of Schools. She is highly qualified. She deserves our votes.


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