Did You Know There’s a Beach Mosquito Board?


The three-member board is made up of two members of the same family and has an annual budget of over $800,000 of your tax dollars.

The Mosquito Control Board was established in 1949 by referendum and is now searching for one new member.

There are two trucks used to spray mosquitoes and the Director of the organization is Michael Mills.

Joanne Semmer is the Chairman of the Mosquito Board and William Semmer is the Secretary. William is Joanne’s nephew. Board member Henry Rothenberg is retiring so applications are now being taken to fill his seat.

The board meets next on January 11th and anyone interested in filling that seat should attend to be interviewed. The board will then make a recommendation to The Florida Department of Agriculture. That seat will be on the ballot in the upcoming November election.

Monthly meetings for the Fort Myers Beach Mosquito Control Board meetings are held at 8AM on the second Tuesday of every month at 300 Lazy Way, which is near the Woman’s Club on Sterling Avenue.

Minutes of previous meetings and detailed budgets can only be obtained by going to the office at 300 Lazy Way, they are not posted online. A budget summary is posted online HERE.

On our show this past weekend, Nan Williams told us she was interested in becoming a member of the Mosquito Board and plans to attend the January 11th meeting.

We sent an e-mail to the address they have listed on their website (fmcmctd@gmail.com) and it came back undeliverable.
Note: An earlier version of this story stated that William was Joanne Semmer’s brother. He is the son Joanne’s brother. Bother are named William.


  1. I agree with cfig. Shouldn’t there be a detailed accounting detailing where every dollar went?

  2. The Maps & Directions page lists their email as fmbmctd@gmail.com.
    I assume the highlighted email link in the Contact Us page (which does link to fmc… vs. fmb…) was set up erroneously. Probably lots of bounced emails/communication failures because of this.

  3. So interesting!
    Where is the breakdown for these two categories?
    PERONAL (sp?) SERVICE & BENEFITS $ 91,840

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