Former Fire Chief Matt Love Has Landed Safely


Earlier this month, former Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Matt Love was sworn in as the new Chief in St Could Minnesota. Love was the Fire Chief on Fort Myers Beach from 2016 until late 2021 when he resigned to take the St. Cloud job. Ron Martin was then elevated to Chief here on Fort Myers Beach.

The St. Cloud Fire Department was being run, on an interim basis, by a former St. Cloud Fire Chief Bill Mund, who turned over the Chief Helmet to Love during a transition ceremony in December.

The St. Cloud fire department has 70 firefighters. St. Cloud is a community of about 68,000. St. Cloud is 914 miles from Colorado Springs.

Fire Chief Matt Love being pinned by St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis.

The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department has and Fort Myers Beach has an off-season population of about 7,000. During season that population jumps to about 40,000, according to the Fire Department website.

Love was also a finalist for the Chief’s job in Loveland, Colorado before taking the St. Could job. He was not chosen for that position.

Pictures courtesy Jake Judd/KNSI News



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