Do You Know About The File of Life Program?


(By Fire Chief Matt Love) We hope you are well and enjoying your beautiful island community. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a simple and lifesaving program we have available to you.

During an emergency, there can be panic, confusion, fear, and a significant sense of urgency. These aspects are not only experienced by a community member in need, but by everyone exposed to the incident.

In these stressful situations, could you provide an accurate medical history, list of medications, existing conditions, and allergies in fewer than ten seconds for yourself or a loved one? For the overwhelming majority of us, the answer is no. This is where the File of Life becomes critical.

How does a File of Life work? There are three components to a File of Life, including a door or window sticker, a magnetic file holder for your refrigerator, and an information sheet for two household members.

The door or window sticker (normally placed at the front entrance of a residence) alerts our emergency responders that the resident should have a magnet on their refrigerator with vital information.

The magnetic file holder, placed on the refrigerator, assures our team will know exactly where to look for the information file.

The paper information file contains details such as your medical history, medications, name, date of birth, physicians name, emergency contact information, and much more.

Since 1995, almost 5,000 communities across the United States have implemented a File of Life program. The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department has enacted this program for over seventeen years to enhance service to the community. Obtaining a File of Life is easier than you may think. Not only can you obtain a File of Life by visiting any of your Fort Myers Beach Community Fire Stations, but every fire apparatus and ambulance has them available too. Our team members will gladly assist you and your family in completing the information. 

In times of emergency, the last thing we want you to worry about is remembering intricate vital information, rather than comforting your loved ones. Help us serve you, get your File of Life today!

Your Fort Myers Beach Fire Department Team is dedicated to Shaping Our Community through Excellence. If you are interested in a File of Life or any other services offered by the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department, please call us at (239) 590-4200, email us at, or visit us on the web at

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