Donalds Cheers Strike Down of Roe


Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, who is pro-life, chimed in on last week’s 6-3 Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe Vs. Wade. Donalds called the decision a massive win for liberty.

The Supreme Court ruled that there is no constitutional right to an abortion and sent the issue back to the states to decide. Donalds said as a pro-life American, he couldn’t be more thrilled by the Court’s decision. “As a Constitutional Conservative, I celebrate this long-overdue realignment to the rule of law and the 10th Amendment. The original ruling nearly 50 years ago was a stain on the Court and spoke to a more significant issue of judicial activism by members of the Supreme Court acting as members of a legislative body, not a judicial one. Contrary to news reports, abortions will remain legal in nearly half of all states, including in many deep blue states where most of the outrage stems. The Court’s ruling has nothing to do with “your body” and “your choice,” it has everything to do with the constitutionality of the practice of abortion, which is NOT your right, which is why it’s now going back to individual states for THE PEOPLE to decide.”


  1. So if a man has to travel out of state for a vasectomy or any medical procedure- by a Dr not his own- recuperate somewhere that isn’t home- or better- bounce in a car for hours to get home- that’s ok? Oh- and add abortion is time critical- how many days for time off, travel, appointments and $$$!? Let’s leave medical procedures to the states makes no sense in practice.

  2. It’s too bad that the Mother’s of the people that are against the decision of Roe Vs. Wade did not feel the same way

  3. Volatile topic. Emotional subject. Everyone has an opinion and there’s no middle ground. This is one topic where it might be best to believe what you believe and keep opinions to ourselves.

  4. We protect the rights of innocent, helpless animals but not innocent, helpless infants. Actually, some of us want to do both. However, as we know, this isn’t about making abortion illegal, it’s about it not ever being a constitutional right. As Congressman Donalds so well stated in the article, it is now up to each state and the people to decide. Sounds like freedom to me.

  5. Mr Donald’s remakes are just more examples of gaslighting the issue.
    The ruling removed a legal precedent established 50 years ago. What will they use the courts next to remove from the books?
    Women’s voting right, gay rights,our right to assemble,this is a dangerous precedent.
    On the subject of Social Security,Medicare, stop calling it an entitlement’s, we paid for it so we own that program. Pension raiding that’s all it is!

  6. Where does the federal government or the state governments get the authority or moral righteousness to decide the outcome of a pregnancy? The Constitution does not give Congress, Supreme Court, President, State Governors or anyone else the power to decide this issue!


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