The Woman’s Club – Spreading The Love


(By Angie Deters) A couple of years ago, before COVID we asked our members what they would like to see the group do more of. The overwhelming response was: “meet other local people.”

The Woman’s Club has almost endless opportunities to volunteer to get involved and meet people but it seemed we still needed something more.

A few of us were inspired and started a new committee, chaired by Club President Monica Schmucker. Our committee now plans one strictly social gathering each month. We welcome spouses and friends, and on occasion, have family friendly events.

During the summer months we thought it would be ideal to visit restaurants and other establishments that might be a little slower during the off-season. In early June we met at The Rude Shrimp Company, one of our newest restaurants on the island. They welcomed us with open arms offering lots of fantastic food and drink specials.

On July 13th, our long time island favorite Pete’s Time Out will be hosting us from 6-8pm Appetizers and Mojitos will be on special for our event. The owners of Pete’s are long time members and supporters of the Woman’s Club and we look forward to the evening.

August we will be hosted by our newest island establishment Lit Coco. We look forward to trying out some of their exceptional Jamaican cuisine. They just got their beer and wine approval so we are ready to go! That event will be held on August 25 from 6-8pm.

We have also done a game night, bonfire night, and a guessing a movie night will be in our future. We’re planning a “friendsgiving” (it’s like Thanksgiving with friends) in early November.

The women’s club general membership meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM. We do a quick appetizer potluck social for about 30 minutes. Then we hear from a guest speaker.

Our next meeting is July 6. We have a fantastic speaker on the schedule. Annie Meehan a newer island resident and a professional inspirational speaker and author. Members and non-members are always welcome.

If anyone has questions feel free to reach out to me directly or call 310-926-3039.