Dunlap To Be Appointed to LPA


On June 3rd the Fort Myers Beach Town Council will appoint Egret Street resident Jim Dunlap to fill the open seat on the Local Planning Agency. The seat came open when Patrick Vanasse stepped down last month after serving for 5 years. Dunlap was the only qualified candidate to apply for the seat.

Kristi Thornton applied for the seat earlier this week. However, Thornton is not a resident of Fort Myers Beach therefore she is not eligible to be appointed to the LPA. The town’s code states: all members must be residents of, or owners of real property located within, the territorial limits of the Town of Fort Myers Beach at the time of application for membership on the local planning agency and during the period of service on the local planning agency. Thornton lives in the 33931 zip code on San Carlos Boulevard, however, that is considered Lee County.

Thornton told Beach Talk Radio, she has a lot of good ideas and she’s just hoping for a chance to help, even if it’s volunteering. “In the strategy and innovation world, I am considered to be an abstract design thinker. I believe FMB needs someone like me right now. It is my hope that local town politics don’t get In the way of hiring the best minds for the right jobs.” 

The deadline to apply was May 15th.

Last month we interviewed Dunlap on Beach Talk Radio. You can watch that interview HERE.


  1. I would rather have a hotel on Esterro than numerous short term rentals that are loud and in my neighborhood. If this is the direction the town wants to go then so be it. The south end has the potential to take over the north beach as the place to be. The original pier was down here on the south end. With future town hall next to one of London Bays projects (which has been vandalized) we can expect the glacial movement of renewing and refreshing the island with resilient structures that can handle a future storm. As a resident I worry about property values. Especially on the south end. We have bird fanatics blocking our beaches and north end residents telling us how we should allow businesses on our end. Not their end. Our end. We have a coalition of south end voters that are getting restless and want results and progress. No softballing of questions to potential candidates or environmental zealots will change our thinking. All residents should express their views and apply for these committees if you are so opinionated. That would help rather than typing out your disapproval.

    • The owner of margaritaville recently opined on other projects. He down played the ones in his district and gave support to the others. He brought up Hollywood Beach Margaritaville which I have stayed at many times. He talked about how the resort enhanced the community and made it much more enjoyable and pedestrian and bike friendly. He is not wrong. All of my visits there I have never stayed in a room lower than the 14th floor. There are three levels of parking. Also of mention is the nearby hotels equally as large and nice that provide a healthy competition for guests.

    • We have contacted a council member about the fact that there is no walkway on our south beach that we enjoy walking daily. We have deeded access to this beach and have for many years. The FWC has used decoys and blocked off the entire beach for 6 months. Is that what you get on the north end? You guys whine about amber lights when we don’t even have access to our beach. The Audubon and bird people have gone too far, using decoys to attract the birds. Then we hear about how no development will be allowed. All chant the same Noooooooo. I know a viable resolution will eventually come forth. But for you slowing us down? I hope you don’t live in glass houses.

      • It turns out MERTF may cancel their next meeting as the featured guest can’t make it. The citizens elected the people that appoint these people and they should convene and hear residents concerns. The chairman is compromised by special interests and cancelling a meeting is unacceptable.


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