Sandy Bottom’s Could Be Open By October


The former Tuckaway Cafe building, now owned by Mike and Dawn Miller, at 2301 Estero Boulevard could be converted to Sandy Bottom’s Restaurant and open for business by October of this year.

On Tuesday the Local Planning Agency approved (5-1) plans for the restaurant which will include a tiki structure in front of the building and live outdoor entertainment. The structure is sound and under the 50% rule.

The next step is for the plans to go through two public hearings in front of the Town Council before construction can begin. The item is not expected to make it to the Monday Town Council meeting. That would put it on June 3rd and June 17th Council agenda’s.

Mike Miller says the work inside the building is not too extensive. If Council approves the project, Miller says he would then need a permit to demo the inside, put up a few walls and install the bathrooms.

There was some concern that the tiki structure might obstruct the view for bikers in that area. However, Tuckaway Cafe had outdoor table right up against the sidewalk and there never really seemed to be a problem. There is also a trolley stop in that area so that automobile traffic actually swerves out toward the middle of the road helping with the view.

The hours of operation of Sandy Bottom’s will be 7AM to midnight 7 days per week with outdoor music under the tiki structure until 10PM.

Because construction on the new Whale building is set to begin today, the Miller’s will be moving their big white tent down to Sandy Bottom’s location until construction gets underway on that location.



  1. Thanks, Mike, Dawn, and Greg for being a great community partner and reinvesting your money, sweat, and tears into FMB. Keep investing! We will try to come as often as our livers allow. FMB full-time resident! But love the visitors!

  2. Please make sure someone monitors the parking lot, Fairweather/Mango Streets for illegal street parking and turn arounds! Lots of problems in the past between, Tuckaway, Heavenly Biscuit (currently zero parking) blocking the roadway. Thank you in advance.

  3. The 1 vote opposed in the LPA meeting, left me scratching my head. Should have been a slam dunk all in favor. Anita and Jane did an exemplary job moving it forward to a vote of YES.

  4. Wonderful news! Need more restaurants that those of us on the south end can get to without going all the way to Times Square.


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