e-Bike Ambush on The Matanzas Pass Bridge


75-year old Lois Jenkins is recovering from these injuries after she was hit by a motorized bicyclist while walking on the Matanzas Pass Bridge.

Jenkins was walking over the bridge earlier this week when a motorized bike – riding on the sidewalk behind the wall – came up from behind and clipped her. She fell onto the cement and suffered these serious facial injuries.

The rider didn’t stop to see if she was ok. Lois was helped by bystanders who were also walking on the bridge. She was taken to the hospital to get a CT Scan which came back negative.

While the Town of Fort Myers Beach prohibits motorized vehicles from traveling on sidewalks, the Matanzas Pass Bridge is owned by the State of Florida. Enforcement would probably fall to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department.

As of now the bridge includes plenty of room for bicycles and e-bikes to travel over the bridge, on either side, in the road. On both ends of the bridge there is a graphic on the pavement that indicates bike riding is not allowed on the walking portion of the bridge.

The e-biker that his Lois did not use any type of bell or voice signal to alert Lois he was behind her so she had no idea he was even coming.


  1. I and my dog were almost hit walking on the sidewalk in library area. No warning coming probably 15 to 20 miles an hour. Would have killed my dog, she is only around 4lbs. You take your life in your own hands walking on sidewalks.

  2. So sorry to see/hear about this. It is definately time to either enforce the rules or ban the ebikes entirely. Sorry to those who made the investment. At the very minimum ebikes should not be rented on the island. Ebikes and golf carts on the sidewalk every day. This is an example of an issue created by not having a police department, plenty of lawlessness as there is minimal Sheriff’s presence. Our town needs a police department.

  3. It was just a matter of time before someone was injured. Never once have I seen any enforcement of the no riding on the WALKWAY rule.


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