Have You Seen The Times Square Elevator Shaft?


Chris Primeau’s elevator shaft in Times Square has become the new welcome sign to Fort Myers Beach thank to local artists Lacy McClary and Summer Daze. For months, they’ve been beautifying the tower that was hammered hard, but left standing, by Hurricane Ian. Here’s how you can support their work…

A GoFundMe goal of $15,000 was set to pay Lacy and Summer for their work. As of today there was just under $12,000 in the fund. If you’d like to donate and get them closer to their goal CLICK HERE.

Both Lacy and Summer have been painting the tower during some of the hottest days of the year. The tower was dinged up and protruded rebar before Chris cleaned it and contacted Lacy and Summer.


  1. As it looks great, contributions could be better spent on all that needs to be done and residents needing help than for the tower.


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