Here is This Week’s Turtle Nesting Update


Sea turtle nesting and hatching season is winding down, although the lighting regulations stay in place until October 31st. Green (Chelonia mydas) sea turtles nest into September, then incubate for two months which brings us to the end of October.

Turtle Time has documented 71 loggerhead nests on Fort Myers Beach and 11 nests remain. On Bonita Beach, Turtle Time reports 152 nests and 29 remain. Sanibel has 24 green sea turtle nests.




  1. Once the 11 nests hatch can we turn out lights on?? Maybe we can get rid of those ridiculous turtle lights that are 100% useless. I’m surprised no one has been run over since it’s literally pitch black on the roads. Who decided on those lights and how much did we have to pay for those???I don’t remember “we the people” being asked if we wanted them.


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