Still No Hatchlings on Fort Myers Beach


Turtle Time reports that as of the end of this week, there are now 102 nests on Fort Myers Beach (up from 83 last week). Unfortunately FMB is the only beach still waiting for hatchlings.

There have also been over 125 false crawls on Fort Myers Beach so far.

Here’s how the other beaches are doing, nearly 4 months into turtle season.

SCCF reports Sanibel now has a total of 533 nests, up from 432 last week.

On the east end of Sanibel there are now 84 nests (up from 73), including 4 green turtles. East has had 147 false crawls, up from 123 last week, and 109 hatchlings so far.

On the west end there now 449 nests (up from 359 last week), including 5 green turtles. West has had 504 false crawls, up from 429 last week. There have been 3,801 hatchlings to date.

Captiva now has 189 nests (up from 169 last week) with 329 false crawls (up from 243). So far on Captiva, there have been 1,293 emerged hatchlings.

Bonita Beach now has 266 nests (up from 211 last week) and 206 false crawls (up from 177 last week). 21 nests have hatched.


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