FMB Strong Announces Next Community Meal


The next FMB Strong Community Meal is being held at Tuckaway Cafe Wednesday, May 31st from 8:30AM to 2PM. The meal is free to anyone with ID from the 33931 zip code.

FMB Strong is an official 501c3 organization with a goal of helping everyone who resides in the 33931 zip code. FMB Strong pays the full tab (nothing is discounted) to the restaurants providing the Community Meal. There are two per month. The first one in May was held at Wahoo Willie’s.

FMB Strong Founder and President Tim Ryan tells Beach Talk Radio News the goal with the Community Meal idea is, “To provide a benefit for the residents (a free meal) and a mental break from the rebuild. And, secondly to provide the local business with exposure and hopefully a big day financially.”


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