FWC Releases Red Tide Educational Video


We all remember the 2018 red tide wave that resulted in dumpsters full of dead fish and damaged the local economy. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute has created an animated video on red tide.

The video covers three topics: What is red tide? Is it dangerous? And, how it’s tracked?

The video targets vacationers, with little knowledge of red tide, to long-time residents who want to know more about the phenomenon and how it’s tracked.

Red tide typically shows up during summer or fall on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

In 2020, the reactivated Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Task Force identified a need in their first consensus document for communication efforts to better educate the public about red tide and other HABs. In response, the FWC HAB Grants program funded the

Full Video
What is Red Tide?
Is Red Tide Dangerous to Humans?
How Do We Track Red Tide?