Health Tip of The Week


Our friends and Wave of Vitality will be providing weekly health tips so everyone living the beach life can stay on the right track and lead a healthy lifestyle. This week owner Filiz McNamara shares her top 10 list for healthy eating during a pandemic.

10 Simple ways eating in a pandemic is Improving your relationship with food; 

  1. Eating family meals together
  2. Have someone over to cook with you
  3. Eating more plant-based proteins
  4. Buying food locally and lending a hand in the hunger crisis
  5. Changing mindsets about wellness to include self-compassion
  6. Listening slow music helps you eat slow and helps your digestive system.
  7. Drink water through the day
  8. Switch the green tea
  9. Snack smart
  10. Smile

Practice Self-Love and Be Good to Yourself @_waveofvitality.
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