Heim Charged With Battery


Self-appointed Fort Myers Beach water activist John Heim was arrested for Battery on November 25th by Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies. The 51-year old, who’s occupation is listed as ice cream salesman, is accused of returning to a residence on Emily Lane drunk, getting into a dispute with the victim for not cooking his dinner, and striking her.

Due to Marsy’s Law the victim’s name is not listed in the LCSO report.

She alleges that Heim arrived at the home intoxicated and began yelling at her for not cooking him dinner on Thanksgiving while calling her names. Heim then threw a can of beer at the victim, according to the report, which she says did not hit her. She then gathered up the rest of his beer cans and three them out the back door. Heim became agitated and threw pebbles and pillows at the victim, none of which hit the victim.

The report says the two went back inside and that’s when Heim hit her in the face with his right hand. The victim then fled to the bathroom and called 911. The report says the Deputy on scene noticed a red mark on the victim’s left cheek and took photographs.

While deputies were canvassing the area neighbors reported they saw Heim climbing over fences in backyards and he was located by deputies and he was arrested. Heim said the victim previously threatened to call the police and make a false report of domestic violence. He was read his Miranda Rights at the Lee County Jail and stated he did not wish to speak with deputies or complete a written statement.

Heim is a regular speaker at Fort Myers Town Council meetings often complaining that they town isn’t doing enough to keep the water clean. He is also know for raising money as a water activist which some believe is a scam.

According to Florida Statute, Battery is a 1st degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine upon conviction.

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