Their Big Day Has Finally Arrived


Fort Myers Beach will be buzzing and bustling with activity this afternoon. The official groundbreaking for TPI’s Margaritaville resort is finally happening.

Years in the making, the golden shovels will hit the dirt at approximately 3:15, setting in motion two years of construction that will transform the downtown area.

TPI’s Tom Torgerson and John Dammermann, along with many other Lee County dignitaries, will be on hand to officially begin construction on a project so many beach residents have been waiting for. In approximately two years, a large area of the beach that has been a gigantic ugly eyesore will transform into a fabulous destination for visitors to Fort Myers Beach.

TPI made it’s original application to the Town of FMB in March of 2017 following two years of land assemblage and community outreach. The Town’s Local Planning Agency approved it 5 to 2. Next it went on to Town Council, and with modifications, it was approved twice via unanimous vote with the final one occurring May 22, 2018. Then came Chris Patton’s lawsuits trying to stop the project and COVID. Once those obstacles were overcome, TPI needed to get its permits and financing.

Mission Accomplished!

Today’s event will be live-streamed from the Margaritaville Facebook page and we will also be posting videos on the Beach Talk Radio Facebook page. The shovel ceremony is expected to take place at 3:15. The celebration will continue until 6PM.

The August 13th date is somewhat significant. That was the date in 2004 that Hurricance Charley swept through and did significant damage to the area.

The event will be held at 1172 and 1174 Estero Boulevard. The reason the August 13th event is by invitation only is because the area is an active construction zone. The public is invited to attend on the beach side.

Once complete the main Margaritaville resort will feature 254 rooms, most with a view of the Gulf, a 5000 square foot ballroom, and a 43,000 square foot elevated terrace to host special events.

On the beach will be a beach club with a capacity for resort guests plus 325 public admissions daily, 30 guest suites and four restaurants.

The main hotel will be connected to the beach via a safe, easy to access walkover, where guests can lounge by a large pool, grab a bite to eat or drink and enjoy live entertainment

When the construction begins the project is expected to take two years.

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