Hey, Don’t Throw That Away


Don’t miss out on the last film of the 2021 virtual film series presented by “Ding” Darling Wildlife society which will air on Monday, April 12th. Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story is a 75-minute documentary that follows director Grant Baldwin and producer Jenny Rustemayer, who after vowing to stop grocery shopping for 6 months, explore how long 2 people can live on food headed to the garbage.

This award winning film is not only entertaining but educational. It will bring stakeholders such as farmers, retailers, organizations and consumers together and put a spotlight on the implications of and solutions to expiration dates, perfect produce obsessions, portion size, and world hunger.

Throughout the film Jen and Grant take a close look at the enormity of edible food thrown away each year in the US where 1 in 10 individuals are food insecure. “The cornucopia they discover inside dumpsters will leave audiences gobsmacked, and will have them mopping up their dinner plates with renewed vigor” Variety magazine.

The film is available for free streaming any time on April 12. The Zoom virtual discussion is scheduled for 5 p.m. Pre-registration for the film and discussion are required. Get more details HERE. Watch the trailer HERE.