How Many Registered Voters Are on The Beach?


Exactly 193 fewer than there were in 2019, the last off-Presidential election year on Fort Myers Beach. And back in 2019 only about 36% of the registered 4,879 Fort Myers Beach voters actually went to the polls.

And that 36% number is high during a non-Presidential election year, according to the Lee County Elections office, which is kind of sad if you think about it.

In 2019, there were 4 candidates running for 2 open seats on the town council. Ray Murphy and Rexann Hosafros defeated Dan Allers and Dennis Boback.

In the Presidential election year of 2020, there were 7 candidates running for 3 open seats on the beach. That’s when Jim Atterholt, Dan Allers and Bill Veach were elected over Bruce Butcher, Forrest Critser, Bob Burandt and David Drumm

In 2019 and 2020 the elections were still being held in March. During the 2020 election, 2 referendum’s also passed; to move the election to November and to extend the terms of council members from three years to four. Council members can be seated for two consecutive terms before they have to sit out a term. They can run again after sitting out one cycle.

As of today there are now 4,686 registered voters on Fort Myers Beach, according to the Lee County Elections office, nearly 200 fewer registered voters than 2019. Each of those voters can vote for two candidates in the town council election this November. They don’t have to vote for two. They can also vote for one candidate if they choose, or, they can stay home like 64% of the voters did in 2019.

If you’re keeping score at home, 36% of 4,686 people is 1,686. There are two seats coming open this November on the Fort Myers Beach town council. They now belong to Murphy and Hosafros. Murphy is running, Hosafros is not. The other candidates are John King, Patrick Romcoe and Karen Woodson. The two candidates with the most votes win 4-year terms.

Beach Talk Radio is hosting a new candidate forum Friday night, August 5th from 6PM to 8PM at Mangorita’s in Times Square.


  1. John,

    Thank you. A vote an ear that listens and just doesn’t hear noice would be nice. In the few years I’ve been here I can say that this is by far one of the worst towns I have had to work with on business issues. They have a mindset and every business owner knows what I’m talking about. Most of you are afraid to say it. The town hates businesses. Period. I’ve read past news articles before my time and the same thing has been being said for years. Shame really as without these businesses the town dissolves. Every charity goes away as we are the ones that drive those helpful dollars in the coffers.

  2. Property owners and business owners have zero votes. Seems odd as both have a very vested interest in the town. Some property owners own multiple parcels, yet have no vote because they don’t live on the island. The businesses generate massive tax dollars yet, no vote. However, every decision made by the council may have a direct effect on those very businesses. We owners number in the hundreds and should have a vote. Each property owner should have a vote.

    • Jason, State law prohibits the voting rights you’re seeking. I grew up in a small family owned business and will never forget where I came from. If I’m elected to the FMB Town Council I pledge to listen to ALL taxpayers, communicate with them and be their voice.

  3. How many registered voters are actual FMB property owners—could this be considered taxation without representation if the majority of properties are owned by non-voters

  4. So where did the nearly 200 registered voters go?
    Died? Left the island?
    Are residents leaving?
    Long timers?

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