How Safe Do You Feel on Fort Myers Beach?

The Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Committee (pictured here) wants your feedback. They’ve put together a 5-question survey looking for input on how they can improve the safety on Fort Myers Beach.
The survey should take you 2 minutes or less and will be vital information for the committee moving forward.


  1. please dont punish us that are courteous bikers . its no different than cars that break rules or walkers that dont move over so you can pass them walking. i still think bikes should be on one side of the street and walkers on the other for everyone’s saftey.

  2. Don’t feel safe at night walking on the sidewalk or driving because of the horrible lighting! Also have a hard time walking on the sidewalks because of all the bicycles especially because most of them don’t have bells or warning that they are coming behind you to let you move out of their way.


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