In Case You Missed Our New Candidate Forum


It was a smashing success, with a big crowd in attendance at Mangorita’s and a large viewing audience on Facebook and YouTube. 

Karen Woodson. John King and Patrick Romcoe shared their views on everything from the Town Manager to the new Bay Oaks building to community policing. We also had great questions from the community, including Barbara Hill, Jane Plummer, Steve Johson and Jennifer Rusk.

There are two seats open this November for the Fort Myers Beach town council.

Watch the replay from the forum HERE.
Support the candidates here:
Karen Woodson
John King
Patrick Romcoe



  1. Lee I assume you like Ray. Lol. Can hardly tell by your comments copy and paste. Being a mayor doesn’t make you a good politician. Being a long time raise my doesn’t make you a good person. Change is needed. A trash can would get my vote of Murphy. It at least keeps in the garbage instead of pushing it on others

  2. So many candidates, too ofen so little clarity on issues.
    Voters seem to be accepting it. Elections from town councils to president are losing more and more clarity.
    Voters don t seem to be pressing so candidates aren’t offering.
    Folks, political candidates are asking you to give them some of the most sacred things you own – your money, your vote and your trust.
    Press for god’s sake. Press hard. Don’t settle for foggy or self serving speeches. The only way to know who a candidate is is to press. Stop making elections beauty contests and party loyalty. Press. Don t settle. Including small town council elections.
    What do you know about these people other than the self serving pap in their brochures. Probably very little. So press.


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