Our Final New Candidate Forum is October 14


Beach Pottery, one of our longest running sponsors, will host our third and final new candidate forum Friday night, October 14th. The event begins with a meet-and-greet at 5PM, the forum begins at 6PM. We’ll have a live audience and the show will be broadcast on Facebook and  YouTube.

All three new candidates will be in attendance: Karen Woodson, John King and Patrick Romcoe. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th.

Beach Pottery is located on 17980 San Carlos Boulevard on the way to Fort Myers Beach.


  1. Rising seas. Come on here. Let’s think about this. The very rich elite telling you that you will be drowning have beach front homes. Climate change has happened for billions of years. It’s nothing new. Your liberal media wants you to believe it’s something we created. Ever watch a history show of scuba divers under the sea finding cities. Do you think they were aquaman. How about the fact that fossils of aquatic plants found in the top of mountains. Or fossils of rain forest fauna found in Alaska. Hmmm. Seems a little off that we created climate change. All a hoax. Been being said since our good old buddy Al Gore invested in some solar, wind and alternative fuel sources. It’s all a scam. If you are worried I have some mountain land I’ll sell you. An some wood to build your Ark.

  2. Will they be addressing any plans to prepare ground zero from climate change’s rising seas? No beach council has ever had a real conversation about that crucial issue. Any of these candidates want to change that?


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